QGIS Cloud Free


  • Unlimited public maps (only non commercial / non government use)
  • 1 PostGIS 2.0 database (max. 50 MB total, max 10 concurrent database connections)

QGIS Cloud Pro

65 Euro/month

  • Maps and WMS with restricted access
  • SSL support
  • 10 PostGIS 2.0 databases (max. 500 MB total)
  • Daily database backups
  • Viewer customization (Logo, CSS)
  • Options

  • Additional storage for 20 €/month per 1 GB
  • Additional databases for 60 €/month per 10 databases
  • Custom domain names (map.mycompany.com)
  • Please contact support(at)qgiscloud.com for payment methods other than credit cards
Feature comparison
Feature QGIS Cloud Free QGIS Cloud Pro
WebGIS Client on / off  
Mobile Client on / off  
WMS access password protected  
WebGIS Client password protected  
default language for WebGIS Client English, French, German, Romanian, Swedish English, French, German, Romanian, Swedish
Identify modes Top Most Hit, Active Layers, All Layers Top Most Hit, Active Layers, All Layers
Search types OpenStreetMap search OpenStreetMap search, GeoNames search, customizable database search
Fixed scales    
Customizable WebGIS Client  
User administration  
Number of databases 1 10
Available space for data 50MB 500MB
SSL support